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The reason I am asking this question is to try and confirm the effect('s) of the hunger switch ability. Before someone says something about the connection to the aura wheel move, yes, I am aware of the effect. It just seemed like it was too specific an effect for that to be the full extent of the ability.

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Usually, the only effect of Hunger Switch changing between forms is that it changes the type of Aura Wheel. However, the fact that it is a form-changing ability in general comes with a few ancillary effects, such as making it immune to everything like Entrainment or Skill Swap, and the act of changing form causes it to immediately revert any attempt to change its type with Soak or Magic Powder.

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i was kinda hoping it might do something more but eh, wadda ya gonna do. do you know if the type change ulification works with trick or treat and forests curse?