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My bro said that the VGC's rules are simple, level 50+ get scaled down, under that stays same. you cannot change mvoes and items during the tournament and you can only us unova pokemon.
It never mentions any restrctions there in the rule list, so does that mean we can use the normally band moves and items?

I wanted a beartic with a snow cloak, double team, brightpowder, icicle crush and one last move, if you could help me with that somebody?
evs are in attack and hp, 4 points to defence.
nature brave, as im having a trick room team.

OK FOR THE MOVE SET use double team,hail,icicle crash,rock slide or trash becuz bright powder is an item so with that move set you should be able to do some damage...i said hail so you can activate beartics snow cloak

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anything goes except no sky drop and legendaries and no pokemon with the same items but evrything else you can use i kno i entered the VGC in san jose california on saturday it was epic!

thanks so much for the quick responce! any ideas of another move for my beartic?
wait no sky drop? why?
Just curious, but did you place?
no i didnt place i lost to an asian in the 4 round :( buts cool me and 2 of my other friends were the 3 king of the hills and VGC so that was good :D