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What are good tips for building weather based teams?

What format/rules are you playing with?

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  1. Always have a solid Weather Setter.
    This one is very important. If your weather setter goes, the entire purpose of your team is gone. This being said, most Weather Setters are rather bulky to survive numerous hits. Specifically setters like Torkoal and Hippowdown. Also, with this, it usually wise to give it its respective rock to help the weather last longer.
  2. Use Abilities that benefit from the weather.
    This is a given. Abilities like Sand Force, Swift Swim and Chlorophyll exist for a reason. These are the reasons Weather Teams are used. For example, Sand Rush Excadrill is very common in Sand teams because it gives Excadrill great Sweeping opportunities with Swords Dance. Another thing is that it's sometimes good to have Stallers that benefit as well. For example, I used Rain Dish/Leftovers Ludicolo on my Rain Team. So, while these abilities mostly are offensive, don't limit yourself to the offensive ones.
  3. Use Pokémon that indirectly benefit from Weather.
    For Example, in Rain, Scizor and Ferrothorn are very common. This is because their 4x Fire Weakness now becomes a manageable 2x weakness. Pokémon like Scizor benefit indirectly from Rain which makes them much more usable. Sorry I can't explain this well. Other examples are like Rhyperior in Sun.
  4. Use Moves that benefit from the weather.
    This is a given. No explanation needed. There is no reason to run Thunderbolt over Thunder in Rain. Use Solar Beam for coverage in Sun.
  5. Don't get so distracted that you let all your Pokémon be the same types.
    I know this from Experience. My first rain team was all Water except for Scizor. I got swept by a Zeraora. Make sure you have Pokémon that very in type. I can't stress this enough. If you run Sun, put a Water Absorb Pokémon to help you. Put something to deal with Pokémon types that can plague your teams.

Other tips: Feel free to venture into lower tiers. I did this. I went into RU with Gastrodon. So don't feel limited.
Mentioning again. Please vary typings and moves. For instance, On my Rain Team, I put a Dragapult to help deal with types the rest of my team doesn't cover.
Finally, use abilities that are helpful. Use Lightning Rod on Rain Teams, Water Absorb on Sun. Anything that helps.
Hopefully this helps!

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Just wanna add on to this. Don't use too many pokemon that are that reliant on weather. For example having Mega Swamper, Ludicolo and rain dish Tentacruel on the same team. There isn't that much turns for everyone to abuse the weather even with damp rock
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Abilities:Swift swim, sand force, leaf guard, snow warning etc. Rock types for sandstorm. Obiously water type moves for rain and fire types for sun. Certain weather related moves such as hurricane, aurora veil and thunder. Rocks, (icy rock, damp rock etc) Certain typed tanks or ones with safety goggles can use hail or sandstorm to do a bit of damage to opponents(tho it doesn't do much damage and if they have types that don't take damage form it it won't help, so it's very unreliable) You may also want multiple Pokemon who can set the weather because it goes out pretty quick.

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Okay, I'm not the best at competetive, but I'll try to help anyways. First, let's start with a rain team. Rain teams should have a rain setter. A common one is Pelliper. You should also try to have a rain sweeper, such as kingdra. As a rain team, you will have problems with grass and electric type teams. What you should try to do is simple: get a water and ground type like quagsire. Quagsire is one of the better Pokemon out there for walling. Plus electric attacks do nothing on it. Also think about putting something like Scizor on because fire moves are weakened.
Next we have sun teams. You need a setter. Usually you should go with a Pokemon that has drought, but you can put on sunny day. Next, you need a fire type. One of the best fire types is cinderace, so you could try it out. Keep in mind though, since cinderace is mainly used with libero, you should be careful. However, you could fire off a stab-sun boosted Pyro-ball, which would be powerful. Also think about putting a Pokemon on that can learn like solar beam or blade, as those will be one turn moves and you will absolutely cripple your opponents. You can also pack rock or ground types since water moves are weakened.
Now, we go over hail teams (which I'm not sure even exist). Ummm, well I don't really know about this, but I guess you should pack something with snow warning or the move hail, something with blizzard and something with snow cloak. Like I said, I'm not really sure about this type of team.
Finally, we have Sandstorm teams. Get a Pokemon with sand stream. You should put on a rock type because of a special boost. You can get a Pokemon with sand veil which certainly will help you. Also, no matter what you do, put exadrill on your team. It is a monster.

So, I hope I helped!

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