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What are good tips to keep in mind when building terrain based teams?

What format/rules are you playing with?

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Well, use the seed items(grassy seed, electric seed, etc) and use Pokemon with the surge abilities(misty surge, psychic surge, etc) and moves that take advantage of terrains ( grassy glide, expanding force, etc. ). Finally, Pokemon that can take advantage of the terrain (alolan raichu and electric type for electric terrain,grass types and tanks in need of ways to regen for grassy terrain, etc.)

seeds aren't very good and are only really useful on hawlucha for unburden + acrobatics
But they do have their use for stat boosting and terrain
couldn't you just use a setup move for stat boosting and free up an item slot for a better item like a life orb
True but they are terrain related and can help in a terrain related team