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In Black and White, there were NPCs who would pay more than the store for certain types of items, like mushrooms and ores. Are there any of these in Sword and Shield? Should I save my items, or just sell them as I go?


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Infact there is! Located in Stow-on-Side there is a Buyer's Stall. He'll pay premium price for items, but there's a catch. He only ask for specific item and each day that item changes. Every item that he asks for can be found in the Wild Area. So stock up and hopefully you'll have what he's looking for that day. If not you can always try again the next day. If you'd rather not bother with this since it is kinda random then just sell it to the PokeShop.

Here's a list of each item he'll ask for and how much you'll be paid:

Tiny Mushroom 2,000
Pearl 3,000
Stardust 4,000
Big Mushroom 10,000
Rare Bone 11,111
Big Pearl 12,000
Star Piece 14,000
Balm Mushroom 25,000
Pearl String 27,500
Comet Shard 30,000

Hope this helps :D

Thanks, that helps a lot! I’m always a hoarder when it comes to video games :)
Just remember that what he asks for each day is random!