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What do you define as useless?
having no in-game use
The Rare Bone seems to be the only "useless" (aside from being sold for 2,500) item in SWSH. If you meant competitive wise though, then there's tons of "useless" items. :P
Rare bone is like nuggets or pearls they have no "use" but are meant to be sold

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The only useless items in the game are Sonia's Book and some of the various items you can only get by hacking the game. Sonia's Book has no practical purpose, and its only "use" is a device to push along whatever passes for Galar's postgame.

A few items exist in the game code that can only be obtained by hacking, most notably Mega Stones and event items. Mega Evolutions aren't in the game, and the Stones can't be sold, this making them completely useless. The same applies to event items.

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Does that mean that megas where planned for SwSh?
No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it's just easier for Game Freak to keep the items in the game code and just make them unobtainable.
Oh, makes sense.