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This may be a slightly silly question, but what's the deal with Zacian and Zamazenta?
I have a few questions here:

  • 1) Are those "Legendary Weapons"* actually weapons, or are they a part
    of the Pokemon?
  • 2) What happens if Zacian drops the sword?
  • 3) Can Zamazenta's shields be removed?
  • 4) What about that "Hero of Many Battles" form? Is that just a more
    confusing, "cooler" form like the [incredibly lazy design for the]
    Necrozma Legendaries from Sun and Moon, or could it be they lose
    their weapons/gain the other's weapon?
  • 5) What if they are the same Pokemon, just with a different piece of

I want to know. This could have already been leaked, but I don't think we have it here on this site.

*I'm pretty sure no one calls them this. I just needed a phrase to use.

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I don’t think anyone has that info yet. We need to wait until it’s released
Well, yes, obviously. I’m just really curious.

And highly impatient
They have two forms, so I guess you can say the Sword is part of Zacian, but with the Steel typing.
Zamazenta’s Shield is removed if it has its other form, not steel. (If it absorbs steel it turns into steel i’m pretty sure).
They are not the same Pokémon but perhaps family (as you could see in the trailer how that’s a brother-fight) and you can see in the not steel version that they clearly look different.

Pure Guesses tho lol. Perhaps those not steel versions actually have the same Pokémon but have equiped some sort of decoration over time.
We don't have to wait until it's released because a) it's released and b) the games' ROMs have been on the internet for a week.

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  • 1) They are weapons, they are not part of the Pokemon.
  • 2) It changes into its "Hero of Many Battles" form.
  • 3) Yes, the shield can be removed.
  • 4) The "Hero of Many Battles" form for each of them are their forms when they are not holding their respective item. The Rusted Sword for Zacian and the Rusted Shield for Zamazenta.
  • 5) No, they are not the same Pokemon.

Serebii.net it an excellent site for news and information that is tested and updated. No forums like this site though (^-^) Page for Zacian, and the page for Zamazenta.

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so, hero of many battles is their base form? that's really cool. Thanks!
How do you activate the "Crowned" forms?