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Can someone generate one in to show me?

Why is this flagged? The photos aren’t on Pokemondb.
Flag for BA. If he doesn't select because the answer-er hasn't provided an source, should any one else answer it?

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Here they are:

Shiny Zacian Zamazenta


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Source please?
And damn those are hot...
um..what does this add to the previous answer?
Source please?
commented Mar 8, 2020 by falsebenguy2211
This one :P
Ah. (filler)
I didn't wanted to answer- I did that because the question-asker is still online and lurking but the answer-er isn't more of active now so he hasn't updated and added a source.
I could edit the source in to the original answer
I really don't think there's a need to reanswer a question that's already been sufficiently answered just to add a source.