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How do I reset EVs to zero? I know some berries reduce EVs in a certain stat by ten, I think, when used but is there a faster way to do this? And also, if my Pokemon is level 100, can it still gain evs if I ev train it?

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Can you use Super Training?
How do I do that?

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You can use berries to lower EVs. They can be easily obtained in-game, and you likely have a few already. They are:

Pomeg - HP
Kelpsy - Attack
Qualot - Defense
Hondew - Sp. Attack
Grepa - Sp. Defense
Tamato - Speed

These berries lower EVs by ten each. Once the Pokemon has no EVs in the star and you use a berry, it will say something, then not use the berry. When every star is depleted, you can use super training in the desired stats or battle wild Pokemon that give out EVs for a certain stat. You can find many guides online for the latter.

I don't think I can use this method since I grabbed nearly every single berry I found when I was roaming and threw away everything that isn't a blue berry when I was trying to evolve my feebas. Might have to restart the game.
Some NPCs will give berries to you. I think you can get almost every berry by talking to the right ones.
Savitar, there are many berry bushes around the map you can water and get berries from. I'm not sure which ones can give you these berties, though.
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Super Training is accessible...in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it is at the bottom of the PlayNav menu of the PokéNav Plus.
The main Super Training screen is referred to as Core Training (Japanese: ベーストレーニング Base Training), where players can use training bags to help boost their Pokémon's growth. The player may earn additional training bags by participating in Super-Training Regimens, or by "punching" (tapping) repeatedly on the empty training bag on this screen. Pokémon will also hit the training bag automatically, once per minute, occasionally finding training bags on their own.

One of the bags is the reset bag, which resets all EVs on one Pokemon.
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Interesting. Will give this a shot