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I've been doing a nuzlocke on Pokemon shield, and my Vespiquen has carried me through so many battles. In order to remember her if she dies, I am thinking about breeding a competitive combee (female) in my main Switch account. What competitive moveset, EVs, IVs, and nature would be the best for a Vespiquen.

What format/rules do you want to play?
Well, I'm aiming for a sweeper that's tournament legal in singles, if that helps
Are you playing Battle Stadium Singles or something else? (BSS is 3v3, bring 6 to team preview, allows every species but Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus)
For Healing moves, in generation 8, Vespiquen only has rest, by tm, but if you want a sweeper, being asleep isn’t too useful. To raise Defense, so It doesn’t get that low in the first place, there is Defense Order, as well as aromatic mist, and Vespiquen’s defences are pretty high in the first place. Other that that, that’s it. I’m not into competitive, so idk if these are legal.

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I think Vespiquen will almost always be worse than Corviknight no matter what moveset Vespiquen uses. Use Corviknight if you really care about winning. Use whatever moves you want if you don't care about winning.