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Okay, this is Pearl version. Can you ever go to Pastoria City before going to Veilstone? I ask because the layout seems structured with that as the intention. After beating Crasher Wake, the direction of both the Galactic Grunt and your rival are towards Veilstone, which is usually an indicator of where you are going next. I remember that I was lost due to this because I didn't expect to have to backtrack at all, so it took a while to get the Secretpotion for the Psyducks. Also, the entrance to the resort hotel is facing towards Pastoria, while you enter through the back going through Veilstone. The only thing that Veilstone has going for it is that Maylene is considered to be the 3rd Gym Leader.


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Sorry if it seems like i'm guessing because I'm seeing your question so fast, but the answer is actually yes."

I know, because I have done this before, and for quite some time actually thought that wake was the 3rd gym leader ( I found out different when I was shining my badges ).

But overall, the answer is yes.


Okay, After getting on my pearl, I looked at my town map, and realized, that I actually passed through veilstone city without fighting maylene, then went down route 214 and 213 to get to pastoria.
Although, I am puzzled by the fact that the route that the camera crew is blocking, is route 212 which is a direct path the pastoria, these are the simple facts, so you CAN fight wake first, but you would have to pass through veilstone city on your way there.

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How do you do that? A TV crew is always blocking my path. Maybe it is a Diamond/Pearl difference?
I did this in pearl, I came through the route with the mud.
So what did you do to get that T.V crew to go away?
Let me look at the route layouts, I know I"Ve done it almost every time i've played through, but let me look at the route layout to be more specific on how, go in the chat and we can talk there.
Sorry. I need to get my homework done now. I was just here so I could ask these questions  before I forgot. I might get a chance to go on before I retire for the night.
No Problem, I'll review over my map and tell you the route I took, and heck if I have to I'll play through ( I just recently started a new game ) The first few badges to be able to tell you.
in platinum the 3rd leader is the ghost girl then maylene then wake