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Okay, is this just a coincidence? My brother was playing Pearl for the first time. Around the Grassy area in between Jubilife and Rustburo (before beating the first Gym leader he did this) he cuaght a shiny abra. He wasn't happy with the game and started it over. In the same area in his next game, he found a shiny Krickitot.

By the way, has anybody read any of the books in the Dark Tower series or anythin else by Stephen King/Richard Bachman? King is my favorite author! I have read almost all of his books.

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As stated in every Pokemon site on the internet, there's a 1 in 8192 chance of finding a shiny. Seeing as this is a completely random results equation, it is a creepy, but otherwise, not intentional coincidence.

Really creepy. I thought that since it was the same cartridge, it might have something to do with it. The odds of this happening must be pretty high!
Narwhals, can you answer my best ground type question? Your answers are always so detailed (and I don't think they have been wrong) and you are one of the best members on this site so it would be nice to see what you think.
Hahaha, sure thing, Trachy!