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I already know that shiny Pokemon are incredibly hard to find, with a base encounter rate of 1/8192, so catching one would mean instant bragging rights. But aside from that, what makes shinies so great? Do shinies somehow make the Pokemon better, or are they there solely for the purpose of telling others that you caught a, say, shiny Voltorb?

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To me well... I kinda like shinies that actually look better when they are so. Like Metagross. Otherwise can't care less
Actually you all forgot something. In Gen II Shinies have better Iv's that normal Pokemon.
They're not good IV'd because they are shinies, rather shiny because they have good IVs :P

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Nothing, there is no difference between Shiny Pokemon and normal Pokemon besides their colouring. People simply seem to crave having a Pokemon with a different colouration. They're really just there for the novelty and maybe to encourage trading.

This is, however, assuming that everyone loves Shinies which is false. I personally don't care about Shinies very much; all I see when I see a person with a Shiny is arrogance. Someone who likes to say "I've got a Shiny Palkia and it makes me better than you!", which is something I absolutely despise in people.

Also, as of X and Y, the Shiny encounter rate is doubled to 1/4096.

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I know how you feel
I love shiny pokemon and have a huge collection but there isn't really a difference. It's honestly for the thrill of collection. Kind of how gold is less useful than iron but more prized
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Absolutely Nothing

The only thing that changes when a Pokemon is shiny is it's coloration. They do nothing to the stats, nothing to the ev's and nothing to the iv's.

The only reason that shinies are wanted by people is that they are rare. In x/y you have a 1/4096, before x/y you had a 1/8192 chance. They are valuable trading tools and sometimes people like them to show how much they work in Pokemon.

Having shinies can also make people very arrogant. Some people think that if they have more shinies than you they are better at Pokemon than you. My opinion on shinies is neutral. I only use them for trade tools. Hope this helped!

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Shinies have nothing to do with Pokemon stats, but I think people are obsessed with them being rare. Everyone wants to have a rare Pokemon eventually. Also some of them are better looking than the original and having a Pokemon with different color than your opponent's makes it look special. I wish there was more customization in Pokemon games...

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