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Shiny Pokemon is VERY EXTREMELY RARE! you have a chance 1/8192 to catch shiny pokemon! in a lifetime, I just saw a shiny pokemon once, a Shiny Rattata only. so, if you have one, you're so lucky and may proud to yourself!

Where did you see it?!
I caught myself a shiny shroomish before. its now a breloom, and its red. I have a shiny zigzagoon which is a yellow linoon and a yellow marill which is a yellow azumarill. my cousin had a shiny pidgey before, but he deleted it. my other cousin caught a shiny tentacool in silver, and my older brother caught a shiny beedrill during the pokemon bug contest in crystal. what luck huh?, unfortunatly all we have left now is the breloom, linoon, and azumarill due to so much starting new games, LOL!! but I wouldnt mind having a shiny ratatta too! its awesome you have one!
So no stats or anything increase?
just the look?

Haha, basically.

I, for one, find shinies pointless. I laugh at the people who do chaining for like, 4 hours to find a shiny Starly or something. You may as well use that time to look for the ACTUAL rare Pokemon you can find, like Sunkern and Mightyena.

I actually met a guy who thought he was awesome because he "found" a shiny gyarados in Heartgold. I laughed hysterically at him.
I caught a shiny gyrados in platinum
FAIL for the guy who thought he was awesome because he found a shiny Gyarados in Heart Gold. =P
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They are just rare.

So no stats or anything increase?
just the look?
I don't honestly know?
No they are the same the only differance is color it is only on tv that they are better
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They are rare. and some what like trophies one time it is so sad the

day I got my hg game I found a shiny sentret BUT I HADN'T GOT


Haha... great work, you miss one!
Are you freinds with gigatitan on youtube? He told peole in his HG walthrough that one of his friens had that happen to him.