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Ever since Yanmega, I've seen in this site a few senior users complaining how there isn't a Dragon/Bug typing for a 'mon. This can also be found on Haxorus' page, where somebody mispredicted Haxorus' typing, to much disappointment. So I ask: why is it special, what does it hit offensively, and what does it resist?


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Bug/ Dragon is a unique Typing, to be honest, which in itself is a cool aspect.

Here's why it would be awesome

  • Access to Quiver Dance: First and foremost, this is a perfect stat boosting moves that a Special Dragon can abuse to perfection.

  • Great Move pool: The special attack Bug Buzz, along with Draco Meteor and Quiver Dance immediately comes to mind. Apart from that, the Pokemon might have other bug-tricks like Sticky Web, and STAB U-Turn. This last bit is important as we see so many Scouts in the meta-game

  • Probability to get awesome abilities like CompoundEyes

  • Helps beat the plethora of Dark and Psychic types in the meta-game

One last thing too: Design. Just imagine, a Centipede or some other cool creepy crawly with the fierceness of a Dragon, maybe even wings, etc. Nightmare material. A lot of people find that cool, too, as well as makes for a good antagonistic Pokemon in the game it is released.

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You can't guarantee access to Quiver Dance however. Only 8 Bug Pokemon have access to it, along with Lilligant and Smeargle.
Agreed. But the prospect is mighty exciting. Like I said, these are the *possible* reasons, and may or may not be implemented if at all. But you must agree, a QD Dragon is quite awesome. OU, or even Uber, if you ask me.
I can imagine Nintendo making a weak Dragon/Bug type and not giving us quiver dance
Come on Lucas, be the optimist! Anyway, Game Freak may come up with a Bug and Dragon type pokemon in Gen VII, but the other pokemon will become stronger. Almost every single Bug type Game Freak was weak until Gen V when the new Volcarona was revealed. It had its own signature move, Fiery Dance. In the next generation Game Freak gave Scolipede Speed Boost as his HA. Why not make Bug types even stronger to make up Game Freak's mistakes in the first four generations?
Even if he doesn't get quiver dance, at least there's STABmons on showdown!
scisor wasn' weak, even without technician, and armaldo wasn't eiither, and yanmega kicked butt, and ninjask speed boost baton passed. then theres also pinsir, heracross, and vespiquen. bug types were always amazing, well except for gen 1.
Dude, pinsir is 1st gen and there maybe a mega bug/dragon