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Which Bug types have the highest Attack and/or Sp. Atk?


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Vespiqueen is a very bulky bug type having 102 on both its Def and sp.Def. And will absolutely be a nuisance to anyone who doesn't have a good counter for bug types. It has defend order which will further increase those high defensive stats. Heal order to restore 50% of its hp and Attack order with a base power of 90, since Attack order is a STAB move it will have a monstrous base power of 135! And for the last move slot, you could go with offensive moves like air slash which can counter fighting types, or power gem for those pesky ice and flying types. You can also go for a more defensive run you could use attract which will lower the chance of opponent's move from working for 50%, or toxic to utilize its stalling capabilities. Or you can just get creative.

Another good option is scizor, a steel/bug type. It is only weak to fire types and thanks to it's steel typing it can resist a lot of Pokemon. It has a high defense stat but has a low sp.Def stat but will only get ko'ed if hit by a fire type move, I made mine hold an assault vest to compensate for this. It has the ability Technician which increases moves with a base power of 60 and below by 1.5. Bullet punch a priority steel type move with a base power of 40. But becaufe of technician and it being a STAB bulletpunch will have a total base power of 90, its a real life saver when you need to hit first, a common situation in competitive battles.

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Volcarona has the highest Sp.Atk stat being base 135
Both Pinsir and Heracross tie for highest Attack stat being base 125. However when you mega evolve the Pokemon, Pinsir' s attack is raised to 155 while Heracross is raised to 185. Hope this helps :D