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I own a copy of Pokemon Black and have beaten Cilan and Leadora and have tried facing Burgh multiple time and failed. I have a Dewott (Lvl. 25) and I am keeping him in my team. same with my Pansear (Lvl. 15) So my question is what should the other 4 Pokemon be, should I evolve any of them and what level should they be at when I face Burgh?

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Well it's hard to choose exactly what Pokemon you should use, but Burgh's ones are level 21 Whirlipede, level 21 Dwebble and level 21 Leavanny
My advice would be to train Pansear to level 20 or so, since it can destroy the whole gym solo, and Dewott and kill Dwebble if neccesary. You can also utilise Pidove/Tranquill, who can easily destroy Whirlipede/Leavanny. If you're still having alot of trouble, go to Route 4 (Premature but meh) and catch a Darumaka, who's fire fang will destroy his whole team.
Anyway when vsing Burgh, I'd say make sure the Pokemon that are going to be battling him are at least 19-20, preferably higher.

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Thanks, I be sure sure to try it!
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Go onto Route 4 and catch a Darumaka. It'll be able to back up your Pansear. While you're on Route 4, get a Sandile as well (for Elesa's Gym).

Have your Dewott deal with Dwebble, since its Rock typing means that it's not weak to Fire, and has a super effective move against your Fire types.

I know that Fire is x4 against Leavanny, but his Leavanny is at L23, so you need to do some training before you beat Burgh. I would recommend your Pansear and Darumaka are at least L20 before you challenge Burgh again.

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