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Like , what with happen if a bug tries to bite rocks? It will hurt itself. But in Pokémon if a scizor bug bites a ttar, it will be super effective!? Why?


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In the games when Rock and Bug were introduced (Gen I), there were but a few Bug types. Three were Beedrill, Scyther, and Pinsir. All have some sort of sharp or otherwise harmful body part that more than likely would be able to crush, or at the very least, damage a rock. You can't have those three have neutral attacks against Rock, but have the other Bug types be not very effective, can you? Game Freak had to make it an all or nothing, and they chose the former.

Bug was also criminally underpowered (and still is, for that matter) in earlier days of Pokemon. They didn't need yet another type resisting them.

This is of course speculative, there is no definite answer as of yet.

Hope I helped!

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Imagine Bug type moves are resisted by another type, 8 types totally.
Why are bugs even considered weak? There are some really powerful and imposing bugs like Mantis' or Goliath Beetle's. In my opinion bug types should be way stronger, and with awesome bugs in real life, why aren't they better?
In real life, bugs are very often weak in relation to other things. They're vulnerable to a lot, and that carries over into the world of Pokemon. Game Freak does seem to be making an effort to make better Bug types though.
Yeah, some bug types are cool like Golisopod, Vikavolt, and Orbeetle.
Yh most of the time, it has to be paired with powerful types to be powerful