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I personally think that Grass should be offensively neutral against Bug, but not super-effective against it, since Bug is already super-effective against Grass because insects eat plants.

I think Grass should be neutral against Bug because some plants like Venus flytraps and pitcher plants eat bugs, hence Weepinbell and Victreebel are each known as the Flycatcher Pokémon, and Carnivine is known as the Bug Catcher Pokémon.


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They're good against grass because bugs are plagues that eat plants.

While some plants fight back against bugs, the majority are just eaten by them.


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I think it's probably because the typical sentient blade of grass isn't going to do much to a bug. Is it going to wave a leaf at it? This could be said for any other type as well though.

Another explanation could be because bugs farm plants. Bugs such as the Leafcutter Ant are the "masters" of leaves, per se.

And as always, Gamefreak logic and balancing.

I also think why Bug-types are SE against Dark Types. Maybe for balancing.
Because most bugs like dark places but type balancing and game freak logic are other reasons