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Reshiram and Zekrom learn it on level 92. Usually the higher the level,the stronger the move. But it seems to have no secondary abilities and only 90 power + 10 PP. So what's so great about it?

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Not necessarily true, regarding strong moves at later levels.

Also, Hyper Voice is a Special-based Normal-type move that has a wide scope in Double and Triple battles, meaning it is, in fact, pretty special, since a strong Special-based Normal attack is extremely hard to come by.

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Hyper Voice is arguably the most powerful Normal move. Taking just the Special-category moves, it's better than Hyper Beam because with HB you need to rest, Judgement is Arceus-only (and is not usually Normal type anyway), and Wring Out is only powerful when the opponent has high HP.

In the Physical category you have things like Double Edge which have recoil damage, Explosion/Self-Destruct which causes you to faint, and others have low accuracy. So all round, Hyper Voice is GREAT!

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