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The only benefit is that it hits through sub, but I don’t see it often.

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Some Pokemon have pixilate or refrigerate, which powers up normal type attacks.

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Hitting through subs is literally it. Moonblast has only 5 more power than Hyper Voice, which equates to only tiny amounts of extra damage. On the other hand, you lose all your damage if you hit a sub with Moonblast, so there's no reason at all to actually use Moonblast over Hyper Voice. This is especially true for Sylveon, as Moonblast's additional 30% chance to lower Special Attack is unnecessary for the most part. Sylveon's Special Defence is already huge, so there's next to no benefit for having what amounts to the same move but can't hit subs but sometimes makes the opponent a little weaker until they switch out anyway.

Tl;dr Moonblast is worse on Sylveon because lowering Special Attack doesn't matter and hitting through subs is more important.

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It's not even "5 more power"; Pixilate Hyper Voice has 108 power, which is more than Moonblast even when it isn't piercing substitutes.
From where did you get that "108 power"? If it's STAB, then Moonblast also gets it...
When Pixilate (or the other analogous abilities) applies to a move, that move gets a 30% power boost in X/Y/OR/AS, or a 20% power boost after that. It's not *just* a type change.
Oh, okey. But that means that hyper voice isn't getting the STAB boost right? After all it is still a normal type move...

I have just made some calcs and the base 95 of moonblast with a 1.5 STAB comes to a 142.5 base power...  Is that correct?
pixelate makes a normal type move a fairy type move and raises the power by 20%.
90*1.2*1.5=162 so hyper voice is stronger