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So I had the move Hyper Voice on my Gardevoir. When I transferred to Sun/Moon, I deleted the move because I thought it was useless without being able to mega evolve Gardevoir. But then, I got a Gardevoirite with the code POYONG. So, the most logical thing to do was to try to teach Gardevoir Hyper Voice again. I tried, but when I went to the move remember lady, I didn't see Hyper Voice in the list of moves that I could reteach Gardevoir. Do you know why that would happen?

What game did you transfer your Gardevoir from?
Gardevoir cannot learn let alone relearn this move in Sun/Moon.

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The reason is because Gardevoir is unable to learn Hyper Voice in the Sun/Moon series games, therefore the only way to have it learn Hyper Voice is by getting it before hand in a previous generation, when this learnt move was possible, and then transfer it.

This goes under a similar concept on which Sun/Moon's Battle Tree won't accept foreign Pokemon; because they want to prevent foreign/old-gen moves from being used.

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