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I see people who use High Horsepower on Krookodile even though it learns Earthquake. So why do they use High Horsepower, when it is an inferior move to Earthquake?

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Probably because of grassy terrain. It lowers the power of Earthquake and not High Horsepower
What format/rules are you asking about? If this is a doubles format, it might be because they don't want to hit allies.
I usually use high horse power instead of eq because eq is way to over used, just a preference though.

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It depends on the format. In doubles, earthquake hits every adjacent Pokémon on the field, including your partner Pokémon. However High HP only hits the Pokémon you target, like most other moves. So in doubles, you mainly see HHP over EQ to avoid hitting your teammates, while HHP hits only the enemy Pokémon.

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Earthquake also deals less damage if it hits multiple targets