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I heard about a Torchic event in X and Y and been wondering what's so special about it, and how you get it???

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Thanx but how do u get it
By Mystery Gift, through Wi-Fi

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This special Torchic is holding a very rare Mega Stone called the Blazikenite. The Blazikenite is only available through this distribution only, after January 14 the Blazikenite will be obsolete. This rare item has the ability to Mega Evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken.

Also, as a special plus this Torchic has it's Hidden Ability Speed Boost, which is very rare. :D

You can get it over the internet - if you've got internet settings correctly on your computer (or, more easily, you can go on the internet on your 3DS) then you have the ability to get the Torchic. Go to 'Mystery Gift' on the screen after the main screen, and tell the game to get the Mystery Gift over the internet. :D

Hope I helped. :)
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"Obsolete"? As in, it won't work in the game anymore?!
No as in cant get it after the event
So the word shouldn't be "obsolete"; should be "unobtainable" instead.