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I have already restarted my game and two minutes later realized that I lost the Blazikenite. Is there anyway to get the event again?

Nope you can't. the torchic event is gone. I luckily got one and I'll breed some if you friend me with the code :3583-0009-7191.  Hope I helped!
Thanks! But I have the Speed Boost Blaziken; I just wanted the Mega Stone...

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You would have been able to before, but not anymore, sorry.

>The short answer is yes, by deleting your save you can receive the mystery gift again as long as the promotion is still there (untli mid january I believe). You can delete your save by pressing up + B + X on the title screen. And yes you can do this to get as many torchicks as you'd like by trading them away to another game before deleting.


Hope I helped.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Do you think they'll do another one for Z??
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No. The event has passed, and therefore no longer available.

The only way to get it is to trade for one.