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I have a speed boost torchic however I havnt got blazikenite is there any way for me to get it without the event?

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No, unfortunately the only way to get a Blazikenite besides trading was through the event that ran last year. However, it can be assumed that you'll be able to get the Blazikenite in OR/AS since they've given all the Hoenn starters Megas now, so you'll most likely receive the Blazikenite at some point in the game if you choose Torchic. So if you want it in X and Y, just wait for OR/AS and use Pokemon Bank or trading to get the Blazikenite there.

There are no guarantees that you'll get it in OR/AS, but it'd be silly to let people who choose Mudkip and Treecko to have Megas and not people who choose Torchic. So I'm confident that OR/AS will allow you to get the Blazikenite somehow.

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