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I'm stuck after the last trainer before Melony. The map is the same on both versions, so don't worry. I checked YouTube. I'm desperate.

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It's mainly trial/error when trying to navigate through all them pitfalls. Just keep at it and you'll eventually find your way.
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Walk around the map.
Watch the sensors in your hands as you walk around and if they start flashing with blue light, there is a pitfall in front of you. The faster the flashing, the closer the pitfall.
Navigate your way through the map until you find the path where you can avoid the pitfalls safely.
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I used fighting types because I knew what kind of gym was coming. If you play in Shield, you can use fire types, a Centiskorch or something, In sword like me, use a water type, like a Drednaw. Fighting types can help or a Toxtricity with Power-Up-Punch or something like that that isn’t a fighting type but has those moves. Hope this helped.

i think the asker is asking how to navigate the pitfalls :P
Yep. They're 'stuck after the last trainer before Melony', so they have beaten all the trainers and never fought Melony.
I guess but it can still be useful during the fight.
When they’re that close to the battle?