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A lot of rival battles and gym battles use normal Pokemon, so I was hoping it's possible to use Scraggy against some of them. Also can you get Darumaka before battling Burgh?


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The earliest you can get Scraggy is on Route 4. This means you must defeat Cheren three times (at the start of the game, at Striaton City, and on Route 3) and Bianca three times (at the start of the game, on Route 2, and at Castelia Gate). You must defeat one of the Striaton Gym Leaders, as well as Lenora (Route 4 can be accessed before defeating Burgh).

Darumaka can be obtained in the same location, on Route 4. As you can access the route before challenging Burgh, you are able to get a Darumaka before defeating Burgh.

Route 4

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So I can't use Scraggy against Lenora?
Not unless you trade one over. You have the option to use Sawk/Throh and Timburr against her though.
dang. Scraggy is better than those other fighting Pokemon against most of the opponents after Lenora, though.