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I have seen juniper on the first floor of the celestial tower and I talk to her but she wont give me the lucky egg
I had finish skyla's gym before I go to the tower what should I do? Help me plss..

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Should I renew the game?  Or is there a way to solve this problem?  
I dont know what to do.  :'(

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I'm pretty sure she only gives you the egg if you go there before you challenge Skyla.

Also, you're meant to fly with her to Lentimas Town immediately after the badge, so I don't think you can get the Lucky Egg anymore.

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So if I cant get so we cant fly bec skyla is waiting at the cargo and she says "juniper is researching pokemon at the tower "
so that does mean that I have to renew the game?
You don't have to. You can survive without the lucky egg. Or you can trade. I think someone else gives one to you, not sure
My problem is I cannot fly with skyla and juniper because juniper wont go to the cargo even if I talk to her
Wait, have you climbed the tower yet? Talk to Juniper after that, and I think you can fly to Lentimas. Not sure if she'll even be in the tower, or already in the cargo bay.
So I need to climb the tower first then go down and talk to juniper then she'll leave the tower?
I think so; pretty sure that's what triggered her to leave the tower in my version.
Ive done it for many times but still nothing should I just renew the game?
I think you should try different things first, like go and talk to Skyla before the Professor. Only if it doesn't work, then restart the game (since you went through it so far already).