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A few general points to try and help here:

  • Quagsire is able to lock down half the movesets of her two dragonair. Their whole strategy is to attempt to slow down and beat down your pokemo.
  • Make use of attract if you have a male Pokemon. Her entire party is female in Heart Gold, making it an easy exploit.
  • If you so desire, bring in a Pokemon with torment to goad Kingdra into using hyper beam when it's low on health, forcing it to recharge instead of using a turn to heal itself. You can also get her to use up her healing items on something a bit easier by using a weaker electric attack on Gyarados to still mantain the type advantage, but still take it out easily.
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Best tip would probably be to train up to her Pokemon's levels(38-41) and use an ice type and and electric type , because one of her Pokemon is Gyarados.
If possible, get a dragon type as well.

That's pretty much all there is to it.

Hope I helped.

Kingdra is hard to beat if you don't have a high leveled mon that hits it for neutral damage.
Ice types hit for neutral damage.
Or just use Ice Beam
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You should train the Red Gyrados from the lake of rage. Also train Ampharos.

Ability: Intimidate
-Ice Fang
-Aqua Tail

Ability: Static
-Power Gem
-Signal Beam

Hope I helped :)