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She always defeats me with that kingdra :I

Here is my team

Slowbro lvl 30
- surf
-water pulse
- confusion

Heracross lvl 30
-brick break
-ariel ace
-horn attack
- none

ampharos lvl 31
-thunder punch
- thunder wave

Golbat lvl 33
-confuse ray

Umbreon lvl33
-quick attack

Typhlosion lvl 36
-lava plume
-focus blast

Well thats my team and recommandation? I know I need to lvl but that a bit hard to find a good place :I


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For Slowbro teach it Blizzard and Thunder which you can get from goldenrod this will help against her Gyarados and two dragonairs leaving the rest of your them for kingdra.

Next bulk Ampharos up by battling Tentacools and Cruels on route 41 then use Thunder Wave to slow down Kingdra. Charge will also help Ampharos survive with the sp. Def boost.

Evolving Golbat will help take kingdra down easier but here is what I would do teach it swagger from Olivine Lighthouse. Clair's Kingdra knows 3 sp. Attacking moves and smoke screen making swagger viable.

Typhlosion isn't really gonna help that much tbh

Umbreon with confuse ray would have helped when Golbat/Crobat dies.

Teaching Heracross a fourth move could have also I would use Shadoe Claw mainly for crit chance

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Now thats a good answer! :)
Oh yah slowbro cant learn thunder
I thought it could well you can always teach it to ampharos
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1.get golbat to evolve, this has to be done by friendship so walk with it and feed it berry and vitamins, also have the groomers in goldenrod city
2. get heracross to level 37, it will learn take down and close combat
3.battle clair alot to level up.
4. use crobats confuse ray and then spam fly.
5. teach typhlosion e-quake, hypher beam or any tm you have handy that will do well against clair, get rid of flame wheel.

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Dont you think i already know that i need to lvl up, but how and i also know that i need a fourth move, you might want to suggest me one
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I think you might want to train your Pokemon to at least 36. I wouldn't recommend using your Typhlosion. I would also evolve your Golbat.

For the actual battle, don't use Typhlosion as its fire attacks are not effective. Ampharos also has the same problem. But you could paralyze and switch. Golbat and Heracross should be your main attackers. Confuse then spam Brick Break.
Hope I helped