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One good Pokemon that you can use is Excadrill.

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Excadrill would be quite good. Its STAB Ground moves are super effective against Skuntank, it's immune to Skuntank's Poison moves, and it resists Malamar's Psychic moves.

Excadrill @ anything
Ability: doesn't matter
- Earthquake (Level 52/TR)
- Iron Head (TR)
- X-Scissor (TR)
- Brick Break / Swords Dance (TM found on Route 8 [Brick Break] / Level 40 [Swords Dance])

With this set, it can cover every single one of Piers' Pokemon super effectively. A second good Pokemon would be a Bug type, which resists Scrafty's Fighting STAB and gets STAB on super effective Bug moves itself. I would recommend Ribombee, as it resists all Dark STAB, and can hit both Malamar and Scrafty for 4x damage with its STAB, plus Obstagoon for 2x damage.

Ribombee @ anything
Ability: Shield Dust
- Bug Buzz / Pollen Puff (Level 56 [Bug Buzz]/Learned upon evolution [Pollen Puff])
- Dazzling Gleam (Level 48/TR)
- Psychic (TR)
- Energy Ball (TR)

Hope I helped!

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Brick break is not stronger than earthquake, even when it's super effective. I'm pretty sure swords dance is a much better use of that move slot.
I included Brick Break for Obstagoon, primarily. I do suppose Swords Dance is a good move though.
Yes thank you. I have used Excadrill and Ribombee and they both worked.
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His entire team is covered by fighting and fairy.
Since you don’t have access to Sirfetch’d or the Kommo-o line in SWSH and Hawlucha is quite rare, I would recommend Toxicroak because of it’s good attack stat
[email protected] item works, it doesn’t matter
Ability:Dry Skin is optimal
•Poison Jab (level up)
•Brick Break (TM from route 8)
•Sucker Punch (level up)
•Stone Edge (TR)
Croagunk can be found at the Bridge Field, Dusty Bowl, Giant's Cap, Motostoke Outskirts, Stony Wilderness, Galar Mine No. 2. In the wild area, he’s usually an overworld spawn in Overcast.

And for a fairy type, I would recommend Grimmsnarl because of it’s good moves and attack stat
[email protected] item, doesn’t matter
Ability:Again, doenst really matter much
•Spirit Break (upon evolution)
•False Surrender (level up)
•Power-Up Punch (level up)
•Bulk Up (level up)
Morgrem can be found easily in the Glimmwood Tangle.

Hope this helps!

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