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On my Leafgreen game I accidentally skipped the Poison Gym for almost the whole pre-ending. I freaked, thought it would cause a sequence break(you know, where the game glitches and you have to delete your data, because you can't move forward story-wise?). Thankfully, nothing happened other than the Gym being easier than it would've been.

On the contrary, my Emerald game did get sequence-broken, unfortunately. I decided to LV up I bit before I tackled the Flying Gym, so I went to Lilycove City. My Rival challenged me to battle, and having him challenge me before I got the Gym Badge made it sequence break. (Darn Rivals.)
So why did the sequence break happen there, but not in Leafgreen? Is it because Team Aqua was in the city? Did it not have to do with my rival at all? Again, what determines the cause of a sequence break?

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i had this happen in my Black 2, but i didn't skip anything, and i had all badges
i never knew this could happen

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I skipped in my firered leaders a few times and didn't get glitched, so I wouldn't worry. Your emerald should work the same. It may be glitched, my sapphire glitches on occasion because it's old and overused. I aspect the same goes with you, old and beat-up emerald and fairly new leafgreen.

To answer your question fully, depending on which gym you skip has the potential to glitch. Also it could be the game cartridge itself being messed up. I skipped many gym leaders in the past and didn't get messed up. See if it happens again, if so, then your game is messed up. Otherwise it is a one-time glitch.

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A sequence break isn't a glitch. It's quite common, actually.
Then you shouldn't be worrying. I didn't really say a sequence break is a type of glitch, but I'm saying that your emerald may be seeing the end of its life and is showing it by glitching. Like I recommended, see if the glitch happens again. I assume game freak has gave some thought to sequence breaks since Pokemon is more or less a open world game.