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Long story short I'm trying to find the jaw fossil (I cant find any tyrunt's for trade) and I found out that you can get them via poke pelago, to date I have had better luck getting fossils when they freely explore compared to the rare tresures route

Yes. The deeper you go the better the rewards.
How do you know?
not what i meant... i was asking if you got better rewards if you explore the entire cave, not just the deepest part
You want me to convert this into a comment?
would be very appreciated

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If you choose "Path for Rare-Treasure Hunting" then you will get more rare items such as Fossils (Only in USUM) , Big nuggets , Comet Shards , Pearl Strings and Golden bottle caps. However you have to develop your "Isle Aphun" to phrase 3 and you need to make sure you have at least 60 Pokemon in your PC Boxes.

It takes about a day to finish cave hunting (expedition) but you can speed it up by putting some Pokebeans in the box.

Also you can buy a Jaw Fossil at Konikoni City (Olivia's jewelry shop) but it's only avaliable in Ultra Sun.