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My Conkeldurr has a Life Orb, the Sheer Force ability, and the moves, Drain Punch and Rock Slide. Which two punches should I use for this guy? Or is there a better set of moves I can use? Oh, and this is for Gen 5, by the way.

I think its best moves are drain punch, thunder punch (covers flying, Tentacruel, Starmie, and Jellicent), ice punch (covers flying, Celebi, Latios, and Latias), and mach punch. Also iron fist is better than sheer force.
How is Iron Fist better than Sheer Force? Fist increases power by 20% whereas Force increases it by 30%. Besides, the Life Orb becomes a nice little booster when moves are affected by Sheer Force.
Iron fist powers up drain punch and also makes it heal more.

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If you can, you should run Mach Punch for the priority off of 140 attack, which should come in handy. The best set is Drain Punch/Ice Punch/Thunder Punch/Mach Punch, but if you can't get Mach Punch, the alternative is to run Fire Punch instead.

Basically, delete Rock Slide, run all 3 punches, and replace Fire Punch with Mach Punch if possible.

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