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So I saw that they will be distributing the new mythical Pokemon just for the guys who buy a ticket for the movie and the movie will only be screenin on japan. Im not to familiar on how gamefreak usualy does things, so do they usualy just give the Pokemon to guys on one country or they normaly start distributing worldwide after some time?


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First off, we know that the Pokemon company, Game Freak, is in Japan. Players in Japan get priority to mythical events since that's where Pokemon is based. (Referenced from here)

Here's what we know about Zarude:
Zarude cannot be found through normal gameplay and the movie will be released (as of March) in Japan later.

We don't have information on when Zarude will be released in other countries but we can assume Japan will get Zarude first, and then the other countries will receive Zarude possibly through Mystery Gift.

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basically Japan gets priority most of the time, then the other countries.
It may get delayed because of the current global crisis (and no, I'm not talking about Game Freak's logic), so I'd prepare to wait for a while.