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Original title: Welcome Back Trade Sign Of Event Pokemon With Corresponding OT And ID Like Zarude

If I get a dada zarude through event code and someone needs that Pokemon for dex only and we did the trade. After I trade the dada zarude the one who needs help, He will trade it back and after he will trade it back to me will the message say Welcome Back Zarude? idk I havent try it

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The "Welcome back" message only appears if the Pokemon you're receiving matches your own ID. Event distributions, such as Zarude, come with a preset trainer name and ID that almost certainly doesn't match your own. No reason for it to display the altered message in that case.

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When someone asked how they knew it was the exact same gorilla, the Trainer said: “When you get a Pokemon from a trade, it says “Take good care of (Pokemon Name/Nickname)!” But when you recieve a Pokemon that you’ve previously traded before,like when you do a trade back to evolve Pokemon, it will say “Welcome back (Pokemon Name/Nickname)!” source: dextero.com

So, the message will say welcome back Zarude.

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