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I'm playing oras and sadly it has no hyper training so I am forced to breed with a 6 IV ditto until I get the ones where it has good IVs in the stats it needs. I am using an IV calculator that by inputting the details like stats and characteristic about my Pokemon, it gives me an answer on how many IVs it has on a certain stat. So my question would be, do they have to be fully evolved in order for the IV calculator to give an accurate or exact result?

Here is the IV calculator I am using

The instructions says at level 20, I can get a 100% accurate IV result but I'm wondering if a Pokemon's evolutionary stage can affect this

You answered your own question.

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No. As long as you enter the NFE mon you are calculating for, the IVs will work fine.
Source: the ability to enter NFE Pokémon on your calculator.

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