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I was searching for Hyper Voice for my Glaceon, so I did what anyone else would do. I went to the trusty Watt Traders, but I went to all of them, but none of them had Hyper Voice. So, are some TR's not available some days because they aren't being sold, or did I happen to miss one of them?


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Each Watt Trader's stock follows a schedule that changes daily, and always consists of one type of Poké Ball, a Wishing Piece, and five distinct TRs.

Basically, TR's change everyday from Watt Traders.


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Ok.  But is a TR, like Hyper Voice, available everyday and it is just a matter of finding the right one, or is some TR's just not available some days from any Watt Trader?
Some TRs are just not available some days from any Watt Trader because, remember, Watt Traders only contain five TRs which change everyday and there are ninety-nine in total. The seven of them can't sell all of TR's at once, which is why the TRs change everyday when you speak to them.
Ok.  Thanks.