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The title explains itself

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Probably not. Can’t confirm but Dynamax Magikarp, Arceus, Kyurem-W, Mewtwo Y, Mega Rayquaza. Yeah there are probably some Pokémon that won’t get it.
Just wait for the game to come out.
They released the fact that Dynamax will even exist less than a week ago. How is anyone supposed to know this?
If you want to read up on what they HAVE explained, then try looking at the official website: https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/gameplay/pokemon-become-huge-dynamax/
likely no, but waiting for more details wont hurt.
We can't answer that question until the game comes out. Like sumwun said, just wait until the game comes out

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I know I'm many months late, but now that the games came out, it's safe to say that the only Pokemon currently not capable of Dynamaxing are the three legendary Pokemon new to this Generation.

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According to a leak on 4chan that (so far) has proven to be accurate, Dynamaxing will be available to every Pokemon, however, Gigantimaxing will only be available to certain Pokemon.

(This is an image of the leak. It correctly anticipated the Dynamax and Wild Area features before they were officially revealed, as well as multiple character names. It contains other details which are now presumed to be accurate; don't click if you don't want to be spoiled!)

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Added the source of the leak to the answer, for context.
Is 4chan ever reliable?
lol 'team yell'. I will be surprised if that leak is real.