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I don't own Sword or Shield yet. This is sort of the same type of question I asked about Z-moves back when they were new. I'm having a tough time deciding when I should use maxing and when I shouldn't,
and I want to be prepared and make myself NOT look like an absolute clown when I'm in the competitive environment.

What format are you asking about?
Not an expert, but I’ve seen 3 Distinct timings for Dynamaxing: when you want to suddenly sweep with a set-up Sweeper (Having Flying/Fighting/Poison moves help boost stats further), when you want to temporarily change which move a Choice Item Holder uses (to allow more efficient sweeping), or when you want to counter a Dynamax (usually using Max Guard at least once), Granted you think you can KO the opponent as they revert. :P
sumwun, literally anywhere i could see it in singles. If you have advice for another format as well, I'd be happy to be enlightened.

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Best Time to Dynamax (any format) is always gonna be mid-battle, but since players seem to Dynamax on turn one, we'll go over why it isn't as smart as mid-battle


  • Guarantee stat changes
  • Weather set up (for abilities and buffs like Hydration and Slush rush)
  • Potential Fast Sweep
    ex- Open up with Togekiss and spamming max airstream and out speed anything


  • You have no guarantee idea what the rest of the opponent's team will be and what it will do to stall out or out power your Dynamax
    ex- A Dynamax tyranitar OHKO a Pikachu on turn 1, opponent swaps in Lucario and now you face a 4x Stab OHKO or swap out your Dynamax that still had 2 turns left.

  • You Dynamax based off confidence and sheer force
    ex- Darmanitan with Zen in Dynamax, pretty tempting to sweep right?

  • If you fail to end battle with stat changes and weather effects, opponents Dynamax will remove weather and out power for the rest of the battle

In conclusion, I doubt this question can have a concrete answer since it's more of like a subjective question like, "What's the best Pokémon?". Simply take my advice and learn what you can from it