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Also, do all the stats of a Pokemon increase by a certain amount like for an example, 50, or, when they dynamax/gigantamax, or does it even raise stats at all?

Dynamax is the mechanic while gmax is a variation that was intended mainly so gamefreak could have another excuse to indulge their Charizard fetish and make it a new design. There are also gmax moves that are unique to one species but other than that, they're identical
The only stat that dynamaxing (or gigantamaxing) increases is HP, starting at a 50% increase at a dynamax level of 0 and incrementing up to a 100% increase at a dynamax level of 10. None of your other stats are affected.

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The only differences are the appearance of the Pokemon, a STAB move being changed into a gigantamax move, and HP increasing (that applies for dynamax Pokemon too)
Source: Experience (I've dynamaxed and gigantamaxed countless times in sword)

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