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so basically as soon as your opponent dynamaxes you use whirlwind or a move that has the same effect, and as long as it hits and your opponent is not on their last Pokémon. so here are two Pokémon that I have thought of that can activate this affect possibly without taking any damage before it uses whirlwind.

snorlax @ iron ball
immunity /thick fat
ivs: 0 speed
evs: 252 attack, 64 defense, 64 sp defense, 128 hp
heavy slam
mega kick

before sending out snorlax make sure you set up a trick room.

noivern @ life orb
evs:252 speed, 252 sp attack, 4 hp
shadow ball

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Whirlwind has negative priority, which works the same under trick room, and giving your opponent an iron ball will make them faster in trick room, and fling only works in giving it to the opponent if the opponent has no item, which, in competitive, is not a thing. So, I don’t think this’ll work.

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This strategy won't work for two reasons.

  1. It doesn't matter if Trick Room is up, because Whirlwind is negative (-6) priority, which means it will always go last regardless of speed control, except when a Pokemon uses Trick Room, which is -7 priority, but this is impossible to do while dynamaxed and will turn into Max Guard.

  2. Dynamax Pokemon are actually immune to phasing moves like Roar and Whirlwind and will not be switched out of battle. Similar moves like Circle Throw and Dragon Tail will do damage, but can't phase out the dynamax Pokemon. Items that will normally phase out a Pokemon upon being targeted like Red Card will not phase out a dynamax Pokemon, regardless of the Red Card being consumed upon being attacked.

Hope this helped!

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thanks for the help
The only phasing strategy that does work is using Trick to give the Dynamaxed Pokémon an Eject Button, and then hitting them to activate it. That’ll work, but it’s not the best strategy since it requires that you dedicate most of a Pokémon to it, and you have to make sure that Pokémon isn’t hit at all beforehand or else the item will be used early.
Equivalently, you can also Skill Swap Magic Bounce onto them, then hit them with Parting Shot to force them out even through Dynamax, at the cost of a drop to your own attacking stats.