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I know that with Z-Moves it makes you use Breakneck Blitz, but is it the same with Dynamax moves? Additionally, if the move turns into Max Strike, not Max Hailstorm, will it still deal damage as an Ice type move because of Refrigerate and get the 20% power boost? Thanks in advance!

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If Max Strike is used by a Pokémon with Aerilate, Galvanize, Pixilate, or Refrigerate, it turns into the Max Move of the type corresponding to the Pokémon's Ability.

If the base move's type is changed either by a move's effect or an Ability (e.g. Pixilate, Electrify, or Weather Ball), then the Max Move will also be converted to that of the new type with the same power; however, the move selection screen will still display the Max Move of the original type. For instance, if a Fighting-type Silvally knows Multi-Attack, the Max Move will still display as Max Strike, but when executed it becomes Max Knuckle.

The types will change
Max Strike
Max Moves
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Max Strike will turn into Max Hailstorm and still get the Refrigerate boost.


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