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Well, also Chandelure and Latios/as have shadow tag ability.
Or if Wobbufet should be in Ubers why Chandelure isn't?


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Because Wobuffet's two main moves, Mirror Coat and Counter, can do heavy damage to most pokemon. He can take some heavy damage, and many uber pokemon, like Kyogre, Groudon, or Mewtwo are very easy to predict. Since they can't swtitch out, they can either use a support move (which isn't seen too often in Uber) or attack. Chandelure can't counter enemies like Wobuffet, and if anything, he'll probably be eaten alive seeing as almost anything in Uber can counter him. Wobbufet also has encore, which forces his opponents to use the same move repeatedly.

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Wobbuffet is not only in the Uber tier just because it has the ability Shadow Tag, but because of it's great ability to take hits, and send an attack back with Mirror Coat and Counter.
Wobbuffet has a lot of HP so it will be able to take majority of strong hits, and send double the damage back at the opponent. This will probably KO almost anyone it goes up against, unless the opponent buffed itself up a lot before attacking Wobbuffet.

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Wobbuffet is in Ubers because of Shadow Tag, Encore, and Counter. It has awesome HP, (190 I believe), although his defenses are sub par. Shadow Tag won't let them escape, Encore locks them into a move, and Counter basically OHKO everything that touches Wobbuffet (dealing damage). It is this reason why it is Uber.

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Having high HP, but decent defenses is good for him though. He takes a lot of damage, but he has tons of capacity to do so. The more damage he takes, the more damage his retaliating moves do.