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I put a male Salandit and a Ditto into the nursery in Pokemon Sword, and all of the about 30 eggs I hatched were male. Is there something that prevents me from getting a female? I know that there is a 1/8 chance of getting a female spawn in the wild, does this apply to eggs too? Also, how can I get a female Salandit through breeding?


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The best way is too keep breeding the male salandit with ditto because you can get a female through that method. There will always be a 12.5% chance of getting a female, whether through breeding or encountering Salandit in the wild.

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You can get way more encounters in the time it takes to hatch an egg.
I thought the chance was 12.5 percent for all Salandits, but I have to be either incredibly unlucky or there is something I don't know about.
@SpillThePolteageist I will try wild encounters for a little bit
Worth noting that you can manipulate the gender of the wild Salandit with a lead Pokemon that is male and has the Cute Charm ability.  This does not affect eggs.