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Alright, been playing Sword since release, and trading's not an option, so I'm catching Milotic wild. I got the male form, but every time I go to spawn a female Milotic, I'm not getting it. Every single time I've been getting the male ones; I even battled them just to be sure. Is this just bad luck or are the Wild Area Milotics an all-male group?

Are you fighting several different Milotic spawns or saving in front of one that has spawned in the overworld and re-encountering it? If it’s the second one, then it’s gender is already set.
Several different spawns on several different days. All male, all the time.
Have you tried breeding it with Ditto? Have you even caught one?
Is this still a problem today or have you found a female one yet?
I noticed this too. The 2 Milotic that spawn in the Wild Area (Lake of Outrage and South Lake Miloch during Fog) seem to always be male, no matter what.

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In Pokemon swsh, all of the "special spawns" (the ones that appear on the map) are all predetermined, with their gender, IVs and level all already calculated for all of the games worldwide, all of them that spawn in the same spot are identical for everyone, and these can be identified by flying out of the wild area and then flying back to that spot and if it spawns straight away after coming into the vicinity then it is a special spawn (another way to find these out are to knock them out and then waiting, they only respawn after a certain period of time). All of the milotic for some reason have the predetermined gender MALE for EVERYONE, this means no matter how much you want a female Milotic from the wild area special spawns, if there isn't one for everyone, it isn't there (I haven't checked so I'm just basing this off of the question), you can get a female if you breed for a feebas and it is a girl and then evolve (breed with a ditto).

Hope this helps