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So I needed to ask this before I set forth on my second Sword playthrough, this time with the Isle of Armor in the equation as well. I intend to use Mr. Rime on my team, raised from a Mime Jr. caught in the Wild Area, and would like it to be male (because it's MR. Rime); but past experiences have given me female Mime Jr. (it's the strong encounter for Rolling Fields during Blizzard), and even though I save far outside its spawn point and reset consistently, the Mime Jr. have always been female, regardless of what I try. Are strong encounters gender-locked to where I could only get a female Mime Jr. on a specific day no matter what I tried or is there something I'm missing?

I removed a comment chain that caused some confusion. @DarthPhazon the comment you read wasn't actually directed at you; the message it was written in response to was removed by its writer. No need for name calling.
Some people think that it is a 24 hour reset time for those Pokémon, so that could help.

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No but it's frame per if is when caching a female know your nature and it's nature and well it's not easy but it's sinking frames and nature's to get the desired results of your hunt. It's rather not for everyone but it's cool to see is finally work. Hopefully you can make some progress on your way to the mahem of crazy pokemath

whats your source?