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Well someone had to ask. I am assuming no but hey ya never know. Basically straightforward I think, would a male be stronger than a female or vice-versa?

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Only in Generation II.

In Generation II, a Pokémon's gender is determined based solely on its physical Attack IV when compared to its gender ratio. A Pokémon is female if its physical Attack IV is less than or equal to its species' gender ratio, otherwise it is male. For species that are exclusively one gender or have no gender, the calculation based on the physical Attack IV is ignored.

So essentially, males in Generation II games usually have higher Attack than females. In every other game with gender, this is not the case.


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There's also the ability Rivalry, but that works with both genders being stronger than each other(situational)
I’m surprised no ibe’s asked this beforw. Guess my weird questions will continue XD
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Only in gen 2
It was based on the attack IVs in gen 2

Source: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/136947/what-stat-differences-are-there-between-genders and experience