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I plan to use a Milotic as a mixed wall. I just want to see if people suspect it will work in competitive play or not. Also, what items would be best for this Milotic?

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Ability: Marvel Scale
Nature: Timid

Rest (restore health and activate Marvel Scale)
Snore (use with rest and chance to flinch)
Scald (STAB plus chance to burn)
Confuse Ray/Dragon Tail (Added Annoyance/For use with hazards)

Hp: 252
Special Defense: 128
Speed: 128

Sleep Talk > Snore imo.
Do people go Flame Orb + Marvel Scale, or is that just for Guts?
I mean, you can, its just that a common way to beat walls like Milotic is to status them. Most of the time, your opponent might do it for you.
Flame orb doesn't go well with rest. Also, Milotic isn't going to outspeed much with 81 speed, so if you want a mixed wall, go 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD Bold.
I was worried that sleep talk might choose rest and waste a move, whereas snore will always attack. I'd rather not use flame orb just because I'd rather not cause harmful status on my own mon if not necessary.

I'll consider that EV spread though. I was hoping to outspend some for the sake of snore but if that's unlikely I'll just invest in DEF/SpDEF

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There isn't much you could do unless you swap out Snore and/or Rest for something else.
You could try one of these sets:

Milotic @ Flame Orb/Leftovers
Marvel Scale
-Scald/Dragon Tail

This you can deal some damage in Scald and Ice Beam then tank it out with Rest or Recover all whilst Toxic slowly eats away at your opponent.

You could also go with this:

Sleep Talk

Honestly you're good with whatever you choose at the moment, it all depends on what you're aiming to do.

Hope I helped!

I actually like the first set, I might forget about the whole Snore idea. I still want to see how it works first, but your set is probably more viable.
Yeah, it's up to you.